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Suraj Hospital undertakes all forms of surgeries and operations that are mainly related to injuries and muscular-skeletal system. We provide the treatment at pocket-friendly rates and hence, we are known as the Best Trauma center in Navi Mumbai where we use sophisticated equipment meant for Joint Replacements which mainly comprise of Hip Joint, Knee Joint (TKR, THR), arthroscopy, fracture and spine surgery and a lot more. We provide such services on a regular basis completely with an access towards an outstanding success.

The Best Trauma center in Navi Mumbai carries on the tradition of an excellence while rendering the comprehensive treatment of any form of musculoskeletal injuries. Our service physicians of trauma deliver complete care for all the patients with no matter what they have an acute or chronic sickness. We promise to provide the highly individualized care and attention while often including both the operative and non-operative care like splinting, bracing, and casting. It is an obvious fact that after an injury or sickness. rehabilitation somehow becomes a critical part of the treatment plan. Besides this, restoration as well as returning back to the normal activities also become a little difficult. Therefore, again to bring back a person towards his normal life, we are here to cater all his concerns and that's why we are also known as the Best Trauma center in Navi Mumbai. We work as per the industrial set guidelines wholly in a multidisciplinary environment. We work in patient's close coordination by having a thorough case study of his sickness.