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When it comes to the sickness like Headache, Migraine, Head Injury, then we, the Suraj Hospital is a one which first comes to the mind of a patient. Reason behind this sudden mind clicking is that we are the best in providing the Headache / Migraine Treatment in Navi Mumbai because while providing such treatments, we completely deal with an entire nervous system which not only consists of the brain but of spinal cord and spinal column and a plenty of the nerves which travels in all over the body.

A problem of a headache, migraine or any form of small or larger head injury can sometimes lead to a major damage. So, one should not ignore the problem if the symptoms indicate you again and again. Moreover, the causes are so common that can be easily found and generate in any individual without age barriers. Actually, it is also categorized into two sections named as Primary and Secondary. A primary headache is basically gentle which lasts for long mainly because of tension and migraine. On the other hand, secondary headache mainly occurs because of pain in the neck. Thus, to cure such problems, we also provide the Head injury Treatment in Navi Mumbai at cost-effective rates. Because when it comes to an injury in the head, internal injury cannot be seen unlike external but causes a pain in excess for which we are here to cure and heal with complete relief by completely comprehending the level of a pain. Most of the time, a head injury can also lead to stroke and brain hemorrhage and brain tumors.